Jack Brounstein

  • Software developer
  • Movie fan
  • One-time national pop culture trivia champion (sort of)
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About Me

I'm a software developer with a Python emphasis and the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments. A former instructor at an immersive bootcamp with a proven record of mastering new technologies in a tight time-frame, I possess an analytic mind that is always striving to understand why something works the way it does and how it can be improved.


Puzzle Master

A Django app to host metapuzzles online, with social log-in, answer tracking and validation and a PostgreSQL database, as well as a set of example puzzles inspired by (but significantly easier than) the MIT Mystery Hunt.

Technologies used: Python, Django, OAuth, PostgreSQL, HTML5, CSS3

Tile Game

A web game that that involves rearranging letters to form words. It's fun! The game uses the SOWPODS word list (the same as international Scrabble), converted into a JSON listing all legal words and their scores. That process was done using a combination of terminal commands (mostly grep and comm) and a simple Python script.

Technologies used: Angular.js, Express, Node.js, jQuery UI, HTML5, CSS3

Online Lending

Framework for a web app that allows users to either request loans or lend money to other users. Created database schema along with intricate controllers and models for fully functional app within 3 hours for the Ruby on Rails belt exam.

Technologies used: Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Twitter Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3

(Need guest credentials? Try user foo@bar.baz, password foobarbaz for the lender side or user fake@test.com, password password for the borrower side)


Implementation of the card game Set. Written in under 16 hours for a Coding Dojo hackathon, where it earned first place.

Technologies used: JavaScript, jQuery, SVG, HTML5, CSS3

Anything Else?

Random project idea generator

While with Coding Dojo, I wrote up explanations of some tricky beginner-level programming concepts for students, a guide to lambda functions in Python and a (non-technical) introduction to Big O notation.

I was part of season one of my friend Eric's podcast "Do It In 12", where people set goals to accomplish within three months. I tried to write a novel, though it ended up somewhere between a short novella and a long short story. It's called Yesteryear, and it's about time travel and also working in an office; you can find a PDF here.